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Having had numerous problems in my second year of study with housing and having to go to the DPS over dispute of a number of charges unfairly thrown at myself and my 2nd year housemates with another company I went into my third year of study with a determination not to be unfairly accused and made sure to put my new rented accommodation under large amounts of scrutiny in order to prevent the same problems happening again. Assuming Next move would be exactly the same as the previous letting agency I had been with I found them to be extremely different to the larger agencies and far more suitable for students to let with. Consistently Next move proved me wrong and helped us in a number of ways throughout the year including a final inspection done by Nathan in which he notified us of problems we may be charged for and so need to focus on before we moved out. This is something not done by many other agencies and appears to be a way they can charge unfairly students for the smallest details that if like Nathan simply pointed out would take a small amount of time to clean and sort out.
Next Move returned our full deposit despite there being small amounts of damage to the property that had occurred throughout the year spent with them and consistently were communicating with us and friendly to us and I would recommend to any students looking at housing in Newcastle to consider Next Move as they appear to truly look after students rather than see them as an ability to make quick and easy money off.

Josh P.

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