Gone are the days when tenants would just rent any old thing! These days a tenant wants modern décor, modern furnishings, a good-sized bedroom and a place to sit down and eat and talk with their friends.

If you want a high-quality tenant then you, the landlord, need to provide a high-quality environment, even in a modest flat or house.
A relatively small investment in the beginning will be repaid many times over in terms of the type of tenant, the length of stay, and the rental you can demand. Next Move Properties Ltd can help you get the best from your investment.

Our goal is to offer the very best service – and because we are a company that specialises in rental properties only, (you won’t catch us trying to sell houses as well), we are able to devote all our time to your interests. We are looking to expand (gradually) so we have the capacity for further management contracts. But we are only looking to take on a limited number of high quality properties with landlords that are willing to work with us.

So, if you own property and are looking for an efficient and cost-effective management service, contact us!

If you instruct us to act as your agent we will deal with the everyday running of your property and help you to fulfill your obligations as a landlord. Let our experienced Property Manager spot maintenance issues before they become a problem and help maintain a high-quality environment for your tenants.

All you have to do is receive the rent! Owning a property and letting it out should be an investment, not a burden.

We are members of Client Money Protect (CMP), Property Regress Scheme (PRS), Deposit Protection Service (DPS).

(CMP – No CMP003802, PRS – No PRS001293)

Letting only service

This service includes:

  • Free property appraisal and rental valuation
  • Your property details advertised on our website
  • Arranging viewings for prospective tenants
  • Processing tenant applications including taking up references and/or guarantors
  • Setting up tenancy agreements and collecting deposits (before transferring them to you so can put them in your preferred approved holding scheme)
  • We can also draw up a comprehensive inventory (available for an additional fee of £90.00)

The Letting Only Service is suitable for landlords who have time to devote to their properties, but who also want to ensure they comply with all legal requirements and would prefer to use a professional service regarding, for instance, the following up of references. A one-off fee is payable for this service of one half months rent. This fee is charged at 1/2 of a months rent plus £90.00per tenant.

Letting & Accounting for Rent (rent collection)

This service includes:

  • Free property appraisal and rental valuation
  • Your property details advertised on our website
  • Providing accompanied viewings for prospective tenants
  • Processing tenant applications including taking up references and/or guarantors
  • Setting up tenancy agreements and collecting deposits
  • Collecting the rent and passing it onto you (minus our fee)
  • Chasing the tenant immediately if he or she goes into arrears
  • We also draw up a comprehensive inventory

Some landlords find the discussion of money unpleasant, particularly if tenants get into arrears. Our Rent Collection Service allows you to hand over this responsibility to us. (i.e. if the property is empty for any reason no fee will be charged). This fee is charged 9% of a months rent plus £90.00 per tenant as a one off fee when the tenants sign their initial tenancy agreement.

Fully Managed Service

This service includes:

  • Free property appraisal and rental evaluation
  • Advertising your property details on our website
  • Providing accompanied viewings for prospective tenants
  • Processing tenant applications including taking up references and/or guarantors
  • Setting up tenancy agreements and collecting deposits
  • Drawing up a comprehensive inventory
  • Responding quickly if problems occur and arranging maintenance work up to the value of £250 or a sum agreed with you. (N.B we do not charge an administration fee for organising general maintenance work.)
  • Organising the collection of rent with prompt monthly payments to you, together with a statement and copies of all bills and receipts
  • Chasing the tenant immediately if he or she goes into arrears
  • Renewing safety certificates, as they become due
  • Providing access via us to a legal helpline
  • Conducting periodic inspections to assess the condition of the property and taking any appropriate action
  • Carrying out ‘pre-check out inspections’ prior to the end of the tenancy to assess the property and informing the tenant on how your property should be left
  • Ensuring your property has been cleaned at the end of the tenancy
  • Re-advertising your property for new tenants for no additional letting fee (unless you withdraw from our Fully Managed Service after a tenant has already been found, in which case a tenant-find fee will be charged)
This service will suit landlords who prefer to regard their property quite simply as an investment and do not wish to be involved in the day-to-day running of it. It would also suit those who feel insufficiently informed about the letting process or who would prefer a professional service. The fee for this is 15% plus £90.00 per tenant(i.e. if the property is empty for any reason no fee will be charged).

Project Management

We can search for an investment property on your behalf and/or manage the refurbishment, interior design and furnishing of property. The fee for this service is 10% of the overall refurbishment costs. UNFORTUNATELY, DUE TO EVER INCREASING LABOUR AND MATERIAL COSTS WE NO LONGER OFFER THIS SERVICE.

HMO Licences (Houses in Multiple Occupation)

An HMO licence (Additional or Selective) is required where there are 3 or more unrelated persons living together in a property. We offer a service whereby we will:

  • Draw up detailed plans of your property
  • Submit an HMO application to Newcastle City Council
  • Advise on any work required to bring the property up to current standards as required by the new law passed on 6 April 2006 under the Housing Act 2004.
  • Contact the Newcastle City Council HMO Team on 0191 211 6102 or you can view information online by visiting their website.
  • The Council also has a landlord helpline 0191 211 5595

A one-off fee will be charged per property of £330.00 (discounts available for multiple properties).


We will visit your property and draw up a comprehensive inventory. This will cover all fixtures and fittings, furnishings, general décor and overall condition of the property. A one-off fee of £90.00 will be charged per property (discounts available for multiple properties).


We offer a service to landlords who have already found their tenants but require someone to draw up the tenancy agreements on their behalf. The fee for this service is £90.00 per-tenant basis.



  1. We promise to keep your information safe.
  2. We promise not to sell it
  3. We give you ways to manage and review your marketing choices at any time
  4. We keep a record of when and how we get consents and what you were told at the time.

HOW THE LAW PROTECTS YOU The law says we must have one or more of these reasons to collect your data

  1. To fulfil a contract with you
  2. When it is our legal duty
  3. When it is in our legitimate interest ( which we must define)
  4. When you consent.

Transparency means you have the right to be informed about how we will use your data. GROUPS OF PERSONAL INFORMATION FINANCIAL –Your financial position, status and history CONTACT – Where you live and how to contact you SOCIO-DEMOGRAPHIC – Details about your work, nationality, education (especially students) TRANSACTIONAL –Details of payments you make to us CONTRACTUAL – Details about the products or services we provide to you COMMUNICATIONS- What we learn about you from letters, emails and conversations between us. OPEN DATA AND PUBLIC RECORDS – E.g Electoral Information, Internet, Newspapers DOCUMENTARY DATA – E.g copies of ID. CONSENTS – How you agree we can contact you NATIONAL IDENTIFIERS – E.g. National Insurance Number We collect Data from Third Parties such as social networks, fraud prevention agencies, public information services. WE MAY SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH

  1. HMRC , Regulators and other authorities
  2. Credit Reference Agencies
  3. Fraud Prevention Agencies
  4. Any party linked to you ( e.g. Joint Tenant)
  5. Workmen needing to enter your house
  6. Companies you ask us to share data with ( e.g. Homelet)
  7. If you use direct debits we will share your data with the Direct Debit scheme.
  8. Future landlords and letting agents who contact us for a reference at the end of your tenancy
  9. If we sell our business we will only do this if they agree to keep your information safe.

CREDIT REFERENCE AGENCIES We will share information with CRA’s and they will give us information about you. The data we exchange can include

  1. Name , address date of birth
  2. Application form details
  3. Financial situation and history
  4. Public Information

We will use this information to

  1. Assess if you can afford the property
  2. Make sure what you have told us is the truth
  3. Help detect and prevent fraud
  4. Track and recover debts

On a joint tenancy, CRA’s may link your data to other joint tenants. You can ask CRA’s to break the link but you normally have to prove you no longer have a financial link with them.  IF YOU DO NOT PROVIDE DATA WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO OFFER YOU A TENANCY. HOW LONG WE KEEP INFORMATION

  1. We will keep it as long as you are a client
  2. After you stop being a client we may keep data for up to 10 years for one or more of the following reasons :-

To respond to questions or complaints or To show why we have treated you fairly or For historical research and statistical purposes. In the case of legal action of any kind You can access personal information by writing to us at Next Move Properties Ltd, 2 Eslington Terrace, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE24RJ . You can also ask us to correct any information you believe to be incorrect.  We do not have to provide information where the request is disproportionate or has already been given previously . WHAT IF YOU ASK US TO STOP USING YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION? This is also known as “The right to be forgotten”.  There may be legal or other reasons why we need to keep or use your data. In such cases we can restrict the use of your data to legal claims or to exercise legal rights. YOU CAN WITHDRAW CONSENT BY WRITING TO US AT (ADDRESS) YOU CAN COMPLAIN TO US IF YOU ARE UNHAPPY WITH HOW WE HAVE USED YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION AT ( NEXT MOVE PROPERTIES LTD, 2 ESLINGTON TERRACE, JESMOND, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, NE2 4RJ) YOU CAN ALSO COMPLAIN TO THE INFORMATION COMMISSIONERS OFFICE AT WWW.ICO.ORG.UK  FIND OUT ON THEIR WEBSITE HOW TO REPORT A CONCERN. ADDITIONALLY VITAL INTERESTS – We can pass on details in an emergency e.g. medical care if you are physically or legally incapable of giving consent. FEES We supply a copy of information free of charge. We can charge a reasonable fee when a request is manifestly unfounded, or excessive, particularly if it is repetitive. We may charge a fee where we have already supplied the information. We must supply information without delay and in any event within one month. This can be extended by up to 2 months if during that month the request is considered complex and/or numerous, and if we do we have to explain why. We must verify the identity of the person making the request using “reasonable means” DATA PROTECTION IMPACT ASSESSMENT This will allow an organisation to identify and fix problems at an early stage. Further guidance see ICO Conducting privacy impact assessments code of Practice.

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