Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update to let you know the office is open however it is limited hours and by appointment only (normally between 10am and 2pm weekdays, but we may have to lock up for periods of time if property issues arise) . So please don’t turn up without prearranging first. Either by email info@nextmoveproperties.com or if you ring the office and it goes to answerphone, please leave a message.

If you are moving into one of our properties soon, you can also email info@nextmoveproperties.com if you have any questions. Or if you ring the office on 01912819090 and we do not pick up, please leave a message if non-urgent.

If you live in one of our fully managed properties you will find our out of hours contractor contact numbers pinned up in the property (usually on the kitchen wall) or is the handbook provided at the start or the tenancy.

Next Move.