Before you rush in, below are some top tips:

• Be sure who you want to live with (who’s tidy and who’s not)
• Decide/ confirm how many people you want to live with (no point looking at 4 beds when there might be 5 of you)
• Decide where you want to live/ transport links/ supermarkets/ gym (how long do you want to walk into Uni in the morning?)
• Work out what your budget is (don’t forget bills and food)
• Find out where your other friends are considering living (more fun if they live close by)
• Talk to people that are already renting privately (they have experience with landlords, good and bad)
• Go online and research some properties (read the info don’t just look at the pictures)
• Before booking viewings, research the Letting Agents/ Landlord (Check Google Reviews. FB reviews etc), big isn’t always better.
• Research costs (fees vary from one agency to another- admin fees, deposits etc)
• Book in some viewings (remember don’t forget and turn up on time as it has a knock on effect if you don’t)
• Don’t just take the first one you see (check out a few as they are often very different)
• When viewing ask the tenants questions (ask the current tenants questions, they live there so they know best)
• Before deciding make sure everyone is in agreement, location, price, start date (and remember someone will have to have the small bedroom, be prepared if that’s you)
• Read through the list above again and make sure you’ve followed our tips (they may make the difference between a good or bad 12 months)
• Pick your property and go put your deposits down and start the paperwork (don’t be shy, ask questions if there is anything you are unsure of when doing it).

Good luck – and feel free to ask us for any advice.