To help protect all parties we are unable to show multiple properties at any one time as we used to. We now advise that before you contact us to book in a viewing that you are 100% certain of your group size (no point looking at a 4 bed if you then decide to be a 5) as well as location (e.g. do you want to be close to Supermarkets or the Metro?). Read the descriptions carefully, look at the photos and watch the video if there is one, before picking which property you wish to view. This will help us cut down on the number of viewings that are carried out across the portfolio, which will help stop the chance of Covid spreading, also limit the disruption for our existing tenants. If you are unsure of what to actually look for please feel free to contact us for advice and we can talk you through the various types of properties and what they have to offer, for example the difference between a House/ Upper Maisonette/ Flat etc and highlight the pros and cons of each. A maximum number of 3 people per viewing. More than 3 people can attend a viewing, but we will only be able to show 2 at a time. You must wear a facemask when viewing our properties.